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What To Wear For Acting Headshots

What To Wear For Acting Headshots Are you aiming to nail your acting headshots? Uncertain about what clothing to choose for your acting headshot session? When it comes to acting headshots, the goal is to draw attention to your face while wearing solid and understated attire. However, there’s a wealth of wardrobe options to explore when preparing for your acting headshot session. Let’s delve into fashion choices that can elevate your acting headshots.

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what to wear for acting headshots
What To Wear For Acting Headshots

What Attire Should You Opt for in Acting Headshots?

While headshots predominantly focus on your facial expression, the importance of clothing should not be underestimated. Colors and clothing styles evoke specific vibes, but what works best varies from person to person. Here’s a breakdown of outfit options and what combinations tend to be most effective.

  1. Top Wear When it comes to headshots, the focus primarily lies on your upper body. Concentrate on selecting the right top for your headshots. Tops encompass a wide range, including t-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts, and tank tops. In my experience, solid-colored t-shirts or sweatshirts work remarkably well for both men and women. Dark-colored tops, such as black or navy, are particularly versatile and draw attention to your face without distraction. It’s worth noting that if you’re a male and opting for a t-shirt, it’s advisable to avoid v-necks.

For alternative choices, consider shirts for men and vests for women as well. These can also create appealing headshot looks.

what to wear for acting headshots
What To Wear For Acting Headshots
  1. Color Selection While the type of top is important, the color you choose can significantly impact the headshot. Professional photographers often recommend opting for darker shades in headshots, as lighter tones tend to reflect light and potentially wash out the image. Darker colors provide contrast, accentuating your facial features. Select colors that contrast well with your skin tone.

If you’re unsure which color suits you best, black is a safe go-to option that works universally well. Carrying a variety of 4-5 different dark-colored options during your session is recommended. This experimentation will help you see which color complements your features on camera.

  1. Jewelry Jewelry can play a role in enhancing your headshot look, particularly for women. However, it’s crucial not to allow jewelry to overshadow your face. Opt for subtle pieces that enhance your appearance without stealing the spotlight. For men, it’s generally advisable to avoid jewelry as it can potentially pigeonhole you in certain roles. Simple chains and pendants are a good choice that can complement solid tops. A discreet pendant, such as a star or moon design, can add elegance without overpowering your headshot.
  2. Layering Layering offers a unique twist to your headshot appearance. This category includes items like shirts, hoodies, jackets, and sweatshirts. Layers can add depth and character to your headshots. They are particularly beneficial for individuals with slender body types. Jackets, in particular, can lend a professional aura to your headshot, which can be advantageous if you’re aiming for roles as a presenter or anchor.

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However, avoid wearing bulky layers that might make you look excessively large. The key is to maintain a balanced and polished appearance.

what to wear for acting headshots
What To Wear For Acting Headshots
  1. Patterns While solid clothing is often favored, patterns can add variety to your headshots. Opt for small or medium-sized patterns that don’t overwhelm the frame. Small, uniform patterns or subtle prints can add interest without distracting from your face. For men, checkered shirts or t-shirts with understated prints can work well. Avoid patterns with too many colors and steer clear of overtly worded or logo-laden designs that could divert attention.
  2. Makeup Makeup can play a significant role in how you appear in headshots. While light makeup is acceptable for modeling shots, acting headshots are often best approached with a more natural appearance. This approach aligns with the trend in filmmaking, where authentic and realistic characters are emphasized. For women, minimal makeup that highlights features like eyes, lips, eyebrows, and cheeks is recommended. However, some casting agents may also request headshots without makeup. For men, heavy makeup is generally discouraged, as authenticity and natural appearance are valued over polished looks.
  3. Hair Styling Your hairstyle can contribute to your headshot’s personality. Experimenting with different hairstyles can yield a range of headshot looks. Different hairstyles can offer various facets of your personality, making your headshots more diverse. It’s advisable to update your headshots after getting a haircut, as even a small change in hairstyle can significantly alter your appearance.

Regarding hair color, don’t hesitate to experiment if you’re interested in showcasing various looks. Temporary hair color changes can offer fresh options for your headshots.

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In Conclusion

what to wear for acting headshots
What To Wear For Acting Headshots

By considering these guidelines, you can make informed decisions about what to wear for your acting headshots. Remember that headshots are a portrayal of your authentic self, so aim for clothing, colors, and styles that reflect your unique identity. Regular updates to your headshots, especially after any notable changes in your appearance, ensure that your portfolio remains relevant and accurate.