May 25, 2024


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What Time Does Noah Kahan Go On Stage

What Time Does Noah Kahan Go On Stage Beyoncé is undoubtedly a trailblazer for the future of entertainment. Her Renaissance World Tour made its spectacular mark at Soldier Field on a Saturday night, captivating the audience with the first of two back-to-back sold-out weekend shows. The mesmerizing 2.5-hour production transported attendees to a realm beyond imagination, resembling a journey to the moon for us ordinary mortals.

Encompassing Beyoncé’s ever-evolving progressive music

What Time Does Noah Kahan Go On Stage
What Time Does Noah Kahan Go On Stage

 an array of sci-fi elements, the merging of android and human attributes, and an abundance of cutting-edge technology that sets an unprecedented standard for forthcoming stadium tours, this road odyssey also represents the resurgence of the superstar herself, after a seven-year hiatus since her last solo tour in 2016.

With a remarkable record of over 100 million records sold and an astounding 32 Grammy awards, Beyoncé is inching closer to the throne left by the legendary Tina Turner. A poignant cover of “River Deep, Mountain High” in tribute to Queen Tina Turner echoed her performance, prompting Beyoncé to ask the crowd if Turner was their hero as well.

Beyoncé’s influence continues to grow

What Time Does Noah Kahan Go On Stage
What Time Does Noah Kahan Go On Stage

 amplified by her evolving music themes—from love and sensuality to themes of empowerment, racial identity, the Black experience, feminism, and, most recently, LGBTQ+ celebration in her latest album. Her disco-infused album “Renaissance,” a record-breaking seventh No. 1 album released almost a year ago, pays homage to her inspirational gay Uncle Johnny. This dedication was beautifully reflected in songs like “Heated.”

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After a one-hour rain delay that pushed the extravaganza’s start time to 9 p.m

What Time Does Noah Kahan Go On Stage
What Time Does Noah Kahan Go On Stage

Beyoncé emerged, rising on a platform from beneath the stage, greeted by exhilarating screams as she exclaimed, “Chicago, I love you.” This sentiment was further underscored when Queen Bey announced that she had donated $100,000 to small, Black-owned businesses in Chicago through her BeyGOOD foundation.

The show was meticulously divided into seven themed segments, each characterized by distinct styles. Every track from her new album was performed, accompanied by striking high-fashion ensembles and elaborate set changes managed by a dedicated crew.

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The first segment, aptly named “Opening Act” (where Beyoncé was her own opener)

What Time Does Noah Kahan Go On Stage
What Time Does Noah Kahan Go On Stage

showcased her ethereal side. Adorned in a feather-decorated ballgown, she sat atop a silver piano, delivering R&B classics like Destiny’s Child’s “Dangerously in Love” and “Flaws and All” from her 2006 album “B’Day.”

While the show displayed remarkable theatrics, Beyoncé’s powerful vocals remained unwavering, solidifying her position as one of the industry’s finest vocalists.

As the night progressed, so did the energy, choreography, and thematic exploration. Themes of sci-fi, Afrofuturism, and metamorphosis were central, resulting in a fusion of “Metropolis” and “Ex Machina.”

From breaking out of a metallic cocoon during the “Renaissance” segment to riding a chrome military tank for “Black Parade,” Beyoncé’s performance was a blend of artistic expression and celebration of Black pride.

Incorporating advanced technology, including massive video walls, drone cameras, and fisheye lenses, the show felt like a Super Bowl halftime spectacle on the Chicago Bears’ home turf. The dynamic ensemble of dancers, backup singers, and the house band showcased their talents with solo performances during set changes.

As the show concluded with Beyoncé gracefully soaring over the audience on high wires, she left the crowd with a message of inspiration and love that resonated deeply.

Beyoncé returned to Soldier Field for a second show on Sunday night. Tickets are available at