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What Size Pottery Barn Backpack For Kindergarten

What Size Pottery Barn Backpack For Kindergarten A well-rounded school backpack is essential for your child’s daily needs. It should not only accommodate their belongings but also provide comfort, durability, and a touch of personal style. Our selection process focused on key aspects to ensure that the chosen backpacks meet these criteria.

Durability: We meticulously sought out high-quality backpacks built to withstand the demands of an entire school year and beyond.

Comfortable Carrying: We prioritized backpacks with adjustable padded straps and cushioned backs, designed to alleviate the strain of carrying potential heavy loads.

Appropriate Size: The backpacks we considered were tailored to a child’s physique, with ample room to hold lunch, school materials, and essentials.

Kid-Friendly Designs: Recognizing backpacks as a form of self-expression, we aimed to present models available in diverse colors and patterns to suit individual tastes.

Our thorough testing since 2015 encompassed 35 popular backpacks, some of which were used by our own children throughout the years. The recommended backpacks cater to various age groups, spanning preschool to middle school. Whether you desire a durable classic, a vibrant backpack with size options, a larger one equipped with laptop storage for older students, or a stylish and organized choice suitable for all ages, our selections are highly favored by both kids and caregivers alike.

Why Trust Us?

What Size Pottery Barn Backpack For Kindergarten
What Size Pottery Barn Backpack For Kindergarten

Since our initial guide release in 2015, we have undertaken seven rounds of rigorous testing, investing extensive research to determine the ultimate school backpack for children. Our recommendations draw from comprehensive experience, observing the performance of top picks as our own kids utilized them in real school scenarios. Moreover, our insights are bolstered by valuable input from Wirecutter contributors and staff members who are also parents.

Our expertise extends to family and parenting coverage for prominent publications such as the San Francisco Chronicle, Parents, and Real Simple. We have also authored guides for Wirecutter, ranging from diaper bags and kids’ water bottles to smartphone management apps.

This guide benefits from the contributions of Sonjia Hyon, Dan Frakes, and Michael Berk, who were authors of previous versions. As of 2020, we have been the primary author. As a parent of three children, aged 7, 13, and 15, who have actively engaged with our contenders, we ensure that our recommendations are based on genuine experience.

Target Audience

This guide specifically addresses backpacks designed for kids spanning preschool to middle school. We have concentrated on backpacks suitable for a standard school day, accommodating school supplies, books, lunch, water bottles, and light gear. The selected backpacks have proven their durability throughout a full school year, with some even enduring multiple years of usage.

The designs and styles are inclined towards children aged 14 and under. For older kids or those seeking more mature styles, we recommend referring to our laptop backpack guide. Additionally, if you’re seeking backpacks tailored for hiking, camping, and outdoor travel, our guide on camping and hiking backpacks for kids will be helpful.

The Finest Choice for Young Students: L.L.Bean Original Book Pack

A Timeless Classic in Varying Sizes

What Size Pottery Barn Backpack For Kindergarten
What Size Pottery Barn Backpack For Kindergarten

The L.L.Bean Original Book Pack presents a classic design with a durable build and generous capacity, making it ideal for kids of different ages.

The Junior Original Book Pack suits kids aged 4 to 7, while the Original Book Pack accommodates kids aged 8 to 12. Both versions are equipped with water-bottle pockets crafted from durable nylon, providing enhanced longevity. Their sturdiness is further showcased by reinforced zipper pulls, a storm flap protecting the main zipper, and a robust 3M Scotchlite reflective strip—a safety feature for kids who commute to school by walking or biking.

Notably, the L.L.Bean packs deliver exceptional value. As attested by one of our testers, this pack remained in excellent condition even after a year of usage. These packs stand out for their affordability, and they uniquely offer a one-year satisfaction guarantee with a full refund, solidifying their reliability.

L.L.Bean’s offerings have evolved to include a range of colors and prints, reflecting their commitment to design diversity.

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Ample Pockets and Well-Structured Organization

What Size Pottery Barn Backpack For Kindergarten
What Size Pottery Barn Backpack For Kindergarten

Both the Junior and Original Book Packs boast a spacious main compartment, a midsize zippered compartment, and an external water-bottle pocket. The midsize compartment comes with an organizer panel accommodating school supplies, a key lanyard, and a change pouch.

While lacking a sternum strap and mesh panels for ventilation, the L.L.Bean packs still deliver exceptional performance. As they lack a laptop sleeve, you can opt for a separate laptop sleeve if needed.

Key Specifications:

  • Material: Weatherproof 600-denier nylon
  • Water-Bottle Holder: One
  • Laptop Sleeve: No
  • Warranty: One-year satisfaction guarantee
  • Colors and Patterns: Five colors and eight prints for Junior Original; five colors and 14 prints for Original
  • Monogramming Available: Yes, for $8 (up to 10 characters)

Diverse Styles and Sizes: Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie

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Variety and Durability for Younger Kids

What Size Pottery Barn Backpack For Kindergarten
What Size Pottery Barn Backpack For Kindergarten

The Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie backpack series offers an extensive array of styles, catering to younger kids and featuring some of the most resilient character backpacks. The collection includes an appropriately sized rolling option for elementary-age students.

Options for Different Ages: The mini pack suits preschoolers (36 to 42 inches tall), the small backpack fits kids aged 4 to 6 (43 to 49 inches tall), and the large, XL, and rolling versions accommodate kids aged 7 to 12 (over 48 inches tall). Pottery Barn also offers an adaptive backpack for kids with disabilities.

Unparalleled Design Variety: Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie backpacks are perfect for kids seeking personalized patterns or character themes, such as Star Wars, Disney princesses, and Paw Patrol. With durable construction and dozens of designs, including glow-in-the-dark options, these packs cater to a wide range of preferences.

Superior Features: Mackenzie backpacks are characterized by spaciousness, durability, and numerous useful features. They include height-adjustable sternum straps, laptop or tablet slots (with the XL variant offering a Velcro closure), padded backs with mesh lining, contoured shoulder straps, lunchbox clips, and daisy chains for attaching accessories.

The Mackenzie Advantage: Mackenzie backpacks boast two water-bottle pockets, but some models’ pockets are predominantly mesh, which might be less durable than the nylon pockets on our L.L.Bean picks. Although some parents find L.L.Bean packs superior in quality, Mackenzie packs’ patterns are often preferred by kids. Moreover, the pricing can become comparable during back-to-school promotions or sales.